Girlicious-Girls.Us Joins Tumblr!


Girlicious-Girls.Us has finally joined Tumblr! Please come back to this spot for reblogs and more on the original four girls of Girlicious: Nic, Nat, Tiff, & Chrys… Please follow on twitter @GirliciousGirls and visit these amazing site supporting the girls of Girlicious!

Natalie Mejia- NatalieMejia.Us

Chrystina Sayers - ChrystinaDaily.Us

Girlicious- Girlicious-Girls.Us

Just wanted to say that your blog is flawless ! I ♥ it !! :D Keep eyes on my blog, bunch of girlicious things. xoxo

Thank ya. Following you rn. Us remaining GLG fans have to stick together! <3

what's going on with girlicious? do they have any albums coming out soon?

I’m honestly not that sure. I check updates on Girlicious Station (one of the only GLG website left on the net) every now and then but news is very slow. They are all trying their hands at solo careers, but can’t seem to catch a break. I’m worried Girlicious might have been their peak. Let’s see…um, Nic was filming that horror movie a while ago, but I’m not sure if it’s out yet. For a while it was rumored that she was gonna keep GLG going with a new set of girls but that fell through and Girlicious is no longer under any management label :/. They’ve all done a few photo shoots and appeared in some music videos as ‘video girls’, Nat was also in that crappy reality show Beauty & The Boss a while ago. Chrys was in the new PCD for a hot minute, but something happened there and I’m pretty sure she said she’s done working for Robin Antin forever. I really hope one of them catches a break soon. It makes me sad to see them slowly fading into obscurity…

Chrystina Sayers (x)

could you make a gif of nichole when she's saying "i know you want to see my undressing" in the baby doll music video please :)?

Okay, so I’m not sure how long ago this message was sent, because tumblr glitched and stopped alerting me to new messages a while ago (bitch that it is), but I’d still like to make that gif for you.